Former Model Claims Drinking Own Urine For 17 Years Has Maintained His Six-Pack – LADbible

Former Model Claims Drinking Own Urine For 17 Years Has Maintained His Six-Pack – LADbible

A former model has claimed that he still has an incredible six-pack despite being well into his fifties and he puts it down to drinking his own urine every day. Take a look at him in action below:

In a gross but apparently beneficial routine, 55-year-old Troy Casey has been drinking his own wee and applying it to his skin for the last 17 years.

He even goes as far as doing week-long urine fasts and putting aged urine enemas in his rectum.

Something to try when you’re trying to shed the post-Christmas pounds, perhaps…

Troy, who is from Arizona, US, has modelled for Versace previously and is now a Life Coach and Healer, crediting his daily pee-drinking practice for his ripped physique.

“Urine therapy is an ancient practice – it just doesn’t get talked about a lot. Your own pee is full of amino acids, stem cells and antibodies” he said in a recent interview.

Troy Casey has been drinking his own urine for 17 years. Credit: News Dog Media

“I drink my own urine every morning – I call it hair of the dog! The feeling is electric.

“Applying aged urine is the fountain of youth and aged urine enemas are one of the ways I got my stomach so flat.”

Although believe it or not, Troy apparently wasn’t always so healthy. He partied hard early on in his modelling career and says he would bloat as a result – causing casting agents to tell him not to bother turning up for shoots.

It was this that set him on a course to go down the path of nutrition and natural and ancient healing methods and he became interested in urine therapy – also known as ‘Shivambu’ in Ayurvedic medicine – in 2004.

He first drank his own pee when he couldn’t be bothered to stop for a toilet trip during a long car journey and claims that the feeling of tasting his wee was ‘electric’.

The former model credits his bizarre diet to helping him maintain his six-pack abs. Credit: News Dog Media

“The first time I tried my own urine, I was driving from San Francisco from Los Angeles. It’s a long five-hour drive. I didn’t want to stop to take a leak so I peed in a cup and drank it and I was like hey that’s not so bad! Drinking my own urine, it wasn’t as bad as the mental barrier in my own mind.

“The electricity were so immediate and subtle – I felt a cool buzz. Intuitively, it just felt good. I drank my urine on and off for a while from there.”

From there, Troy began exploring other ways to ingest his own pee including doing week-long urine fasts, putting aged urine enemas in his rectum and applying his own wee topically.

He recalls: “My friend who beat testicular cancer with Shivambu challenged me to a seven-day urine fast where I just drank and looped my own urine for a week.

“I drink my own urine …….


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