Letters Dec. 17: Why does booking booster shot have to be so complicated? – Edmonton Sun

Letters Dec. 17: Why does booking booster shot have to be so complicated? – Edmonton Sun

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Finally eligible for the COVID-19 booster shot, I attempted to book an appointment online using the AHS website. I was stunned to discover that the only way to enter the required date of birth was to scroll backwards from the present date month by month, one month at a time. That would be over 750 times for me! Why does anything government administered have to be so difficult?

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(Governments are not known for efficiency. It might be easier to find a small pharmacy near you that takes walk-ins.) 


Last year’s defund the police movement resulted, primarily in the U.S., in escalated crimes everywhere the police budgets were reduced. The epicentre of the movement, Minneapolis, in June 2020 “city council unanimously approved a resolution declaring the intent to create a transformative new model for cultivating safety…” Cute words. Results: Homicides in 2019, 37, in 2021, 79. Violent crimes in 2019, 3,709, in 2021, 4,844. City council just increased the police budget by $191M to bring it back to pre-George Floyd 2020 levels. Oakland is re-increasing the police force. Meanwhile, Edmonton’s woke city council is defunding the police.

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(Maybe the criminals didn’t get the message.) 


A motion by Coun. Michael Janz to cut police funding is now approved. Claiming that “we’re perpetuating a system that is so broken,” his initial proposal was to reduce the EPS budget by $11.9 million. Fortunately, the more pragmatic members on council voted to only reduce it by $10.9 million. They felt the extra million should be used to allow the police service to pay staff to take the National Truth and Reconciliation Day off. Excellent call, councillors!


(Certainly Edmonton citizens’ safety won’t be affected.) 


Oh my! Did I actually see on the front page of the Sun that “Even COVID unvaccinated allowed to gather over holidays.” What are they, lepers? Wow! Watch out, unvaccinated, here come the COVID camps. Don’t laugh, it’s already happening in Australia. Lorne Gunter, please relax. You are vaccinated, right? Quit worrying about the unvaccinated. You’re protected, right? Listen people, just because you’re vaccinated doesn’t mean you can’t spread or get the virus (science). If the vaccines worked like all the politicians want you to believe, and that includes you too Dr. Hinshaw, that these vaccines are going to stop the virus, the virus would be gone. With close to 80 per cent of Albertans vaccinated it surely can’t still be spreading. Nothing like a big glass of control and power Kool-Aid to start the day. Stop drinking it.


(With 20 per cent of the population still unvaccinated, by your count, that’s still a sizeable number of people who can still fill up our hospitals and ICUs. Be careful these holidays.) 

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