Stop Drinking Badly Produced Vodka and Gin – PR Newswire

Stop Drinking Badly Produced Vodka and Gin – PR Newswire

ELLINGE CASTLE, Sweden, Nov. 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Purity (, There must be something special about a spirit that’s been made (and made famous) for centuries. Still, in blind tastings, even top-shelf vodka brands leave people saying, “there’s no flavor in this,” or “it’s a bit harsh. I’d never drink it neat.” That’s because most vodka is mass-produced and made as cheaply as possible.

The more time our vodka interacts with, and touches the copper, the more layers of flavor and smoothness emerge. But this takes time. So, when you see the word ‘artisanal’ bandied about by many brands, you must question the time and effort they spend crafting their spirit. An artisanal vodka can only be created by slowly massaging the ingredients in the still until the flavors and the desired palate are achieved. And smoothness can only happen in smaller batches, with lots of patience.

Mathias Tonnesson is the master blender behind award-winning Purity Connoisseur 51 Reserve Organic Vodka, Purity Navy Strength Organic Gin and Purity Mediterranean Citrus Flavored Vodka. For over a decade, Purity has been devoted solely to refining the art of distillation – bringing new methods to a very old craft.

Master Blender Mathias Tonnesson explains, “Purity Vodka is completely different. It’s a vodka made in a new, modern way – by refining the classic, artisanal distillation process. And making it much smoother, more flavorful. And much better.”

Making vodka is simple. In theory. But traditional vodka lacks flavor, is harsh, and is filtered to remove ‘the burn,’ while also discarding any taste from the ingredients used. Purity Vodka is made the opposite way. Instead of taking away flavors (filtering), we bring them out, and accentuate them. Our organic winter wheat, barley and soft mineral-rich water creates something truly unique on the palate. And it happens through our innovative copper distillation process.

Mathias continues, “Our custom-made copper still is a thing of beauty. Inside and out. It’s designed to produce only small batches – distilled slowly and infused with maximum flavor and smoothness. That’s why you’ll taste the difference. And it’s why we’ve won so many awards over the years as the best vodka producer in the world. “


Didn’t we mention gin in the title? Well, here’s where our meticulous, artisanal vodka production creates another amazing tipple – Purity Gin.

Although everyone can single out the dominant flavor connected with gin (juniper), most people don’t realize where the base spirit comes from. Gin is simply explained nothing more than a flavored vodka, infused with herbal essences. But it’s crucial that the base spirit is produced well, before the botanicals are blended. Gin based on badly produced vodka will always taste…well, bad. You might get juniper and nothing else but ethanol ‘burn’ on the tongue.

Purity bases their gin on their 34-times distilled vodka which elevates the flavor, and gin botanicals, creating a bigger, bolder taste and a smoother finish – making your cocktail more delicious.

Mathias ends, “So please, stop drinking badly produced vodka and gin. And join us …….


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