The latest warning from Dr. Fauci – Villages-News

The latest warning from Dr. Fauci – Villages-News

To the Editor:

I have been following the recent findings of the Omicron Variant.  It has been found it the “Sewer Waste Water” of Orange and Seminole Counties in Florida.  The alarm has been sounded due to the uptick in cases.  Last December there were 200 deaths due to COVID-19. This year the death toll is at 2, according to the Orlando Sentinel.
Since there are no reported cases of Omicron infections reported in Orange or Seminole counties, the CDC is looking for an Asymptomatic Beer drinker with a bladder condition. Until this Scourge is found, Dr. Fauci has issued a Mandate for everyone in Orange and Seminole County to “Urinate thru a Mask” and stop drinking from the sewer immediately.

Len Boczkowski
Village of Palo Alto



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