The World’s Top 12 Cheap Wines That Are Actually Worth Drinking – msnNOW

The World’s Top 12 Cheap Wines That Are Actually Worth Drinking – msnNOW

A lot of you have a bone to pick with the best cheap wine and we simply can’t figure out why. Sure, that 1994 you tried on your honeymoon was good, but it didn’t blow your socks off, did it? Or, maybe you only think it was good because you were impressed by the heavy price point.

As per a new study conducted by researchers at Basel University in Switzerland, it was found that wine drinkers were more likely to favor a cheaper red wine when lied to about the price. Researchers snagged a couple of bottles ranging from £8, £25 and £50 but intentionally mislabeled their prices to deceive participants. In conclusion, participants considered the cheapest bottle to be the tastiest when placed at a higher price point. Neat, huh?

All in all, we think that most expensive wines are a fluke. Sure some are well worth the hefty number, but if you’re a casual sipper, might as well spend less for a reasonably similar taste. Why break the bank when you don’t have to?

Not only can you snag some of the world’s most inexpensive decadent reds, refreshing whites and best rosés at your local liquor store, but a lot of them are even available using one of the best wine clubs. And, we’re going to say it, some of the best cheap wine you can possibly buy comes straight from the spigot of the deemed-so-evil box of wine. Don’t knock ’em ’til you try ’em, folks.

From reds to whites and everything in between, there are a number of delicious cheap wines worth trying right now. See below for our go-to picks!


1. Gulp Hablo Garnacha

Natural wine is hard to find at an affordable price, but Gulp Hablo Garnacha makes searching an effortless deal. This is a light-bodied Grenache from La Mancha, Spain that has a dryer consistency with a brighter ruby coloration. On the nose, expect a waft of raspberries and cassis, but when sipping, take note of tart fruits, whiter pepper and terroir to finish it off. You can typically find this bottle at the liquor store for around $12, but it’s available for delivery on for $15. Instead of the classic 750 ml bottle design, Gulp Hablo also goes for a slightly larger 1 liter instead — which means more wine for you. In addition to this surprisingly refreshing red, Gulp Hablo also has a crisp white and an orange made for warmer weather.

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Gulp Hablo Garnacha, best cheap wine

Buy: Gulp Hablo Garnacha $15.99


2. Dark Horse Sauvignon Blanc

Delicious wines under $10 actually exist, we promise — and Dark Horse’s Sauvignon Blanc is one of them. This is the bright, refreshing white your wine fridge has been begging for all summer long. It’s got vibrant notes of lime, grapefruit and green characteristics typically only seen in New Zealand style wines, even though this one’s from Cali. Dark Horse is one of the best wines to buy in bulk for holiday parties and events …….


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