The Worst Coffee Mistake You Should Never Make Because It Makes Weight Loss So Much Harder – SheFinds

The Worst Coffee Mistake You Should Never Make Because It Makes Weight Loss So Much Harder – SheFinds

Your morning cup of coffee can provide innumerable health benefits (in addition to helping you face the day). Many of those are weight loss benefits; health experts agree that drinking coffee in the morning can aid digestion, among other things.

“It can be beneficial by providing the body with antioxidants, acting as a diuretic, and improving bowel movements in those with digestive issues,” registered dietitian Trista Best of Balance One explains.

But, just like anything you eat and drink, adding certain ingredients to your coffee can undermine its benefits. These are the  coffee mistakes leading nutrition experts say you should avoid when preparing that cup of joe.

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Using Sugar

This one seems obvious, but adding sugar to sweeten the taste of your morning coffee can slow down your weight loss efforts, Trista advises. “This is because sugar-laden coffee can increase weight gain and glucose even more by being consumed first thing in the day.”

How bad is it? “Morning coffee that is filled with sugar and sweetened creamers will set the tone for cravings and food preferences for the rest of the day,” she warns. “The rise in glucose first thing in the morning causes an insulin response and an inevitable crash. This cycle will lead to overeating, mostly refined carbs and sugar, irritability, and fatigue.” Yikes! All of which contribute to high glucose and weight gain.

Adding Flavored Syrup And Creamers

Even the no-sugar added ones are harmful, Dr. Amy Lee, board certified doctor in internal medicine, medical nutrition and obesity medicine and partner of Nucific, tells us.

“We are in a society where adding a bunch of stuff into your cup of joe is the normal thing to do. In my business, when we start someone on day one of the diet, we oftentimes encourage them to stop drinking their daily coffee, not because coffee hinders weight loss but because of the fact that the majority of coffee drinkers in America can ONLY drink coffee after they drench it with some form of flavored creamers or syrup,” Dr. Lee explains of how difficult it can be to break these coffee habits.

Coffee creamers or syrups are typically packed with sugar and even though the calorie seems low, “it does add up when we have one, two or three cups in the morning,” she warns.

The no-sugar ones some with warnings, too. ” Sure, the calorie density is better, but you are also starting your day with the taste of sugar and flavor,” Dr. Lee explains. “The super sweet taste can trigger the memory of craving of other foods as well,” aka, it may lead to further cravings and over-eating.


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