Too much alcohol can lead to hangxiety! Here’s how to get rid of it – Health shots

Too much alcohol can lead to hangxiety! Here’s how to get rid of it – Health shots

You drink several rounds of booze, get high, enjoy, and what? End up with a hangover? The majority of you must be familiar with this after-effect. Particularly if you drink too much alcohol, this occurs. And those who’ve been through it, know that it can take longer to wear off. However, among all the side effects of alcohol, one is “hangxiety”.

Simply put, it occurs when you experience a headache, nausea, and anxiety all at once. Health Shots contacted Dr Sonal Anand, Psychiatrist, Wockhardt Hospital, Mira Road, Mumbai, to learn more about this condition and how to get rid of hangxiety.

To understand more about this condition and ways to get rid of hangxiety, Health Shots got in touch with Dr Sonal Anand, Psychiatrist, Wockhardt Hospital, Mira Road, Mumbai.

What is hangxiety?

Dr Anand says, “Hangxiety is not a specific term used in Psychiatry. It is more of a scenario that is experienced after a heavy bout of alcohol consumption. It is the combination of having a hangover and anxiety related to the hangover.” Not only does the person feel physically ill, but they also may have high anxiety caused by erratic behavior and the blackout period of the night before.

There are several reasons why a hangover could give you anxiety. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Hangovers can last anywhere from a few hours after waking up to the entire day. Excessive consumption of alcohol, combining drinking with using recreational substances, or having a low tolerance can all lead to experiencing hangxiety the next day.

Symptoms of hangxiety

Feeling irritable, panicked, having a sense of impending doom, feeling your own heartbeat, having increased heartbeats and an increased rate of breathing, sweating, trembling, tummy issues, and difficulty focusing are all common symptoms of hangxiety.

What is the link between alcohol and anxiety?

“There is a clear connection between alcohol and anxiety, and some people would undoubtedly have hangxiety, especially in light of the fact that binge drinking raises the heart rate, impairs concentration, and impairs the capacity to make rational decisions, says Dr Anand.

Excess alcohol can lead to stress. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Additionally, drinking alcohol initially reduces your stress and helps you feel more at ease, but after some time you could start to feel restless, and a hangover can make that worse. One of the main causes of hangover anxiety is drinking less water or being dehydrated as well.

How to get rid of hangxiety?

Curing hangxiety requires resting and rehydrating the body. Plus, follow these 7 tips to deal with hangxiety:

Stop drinking